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A product of SINQ BEVERAGE PVT LTD Loved by consumers across India, from the bustling streets of Delhi to the emotional landscapes of Punjab, Chandigarh, Jharkhand, Daman Diu and Silvassa, it has cemented its position as a symbol of Premium taste, quality, and enjoyment. The demand for Bad Monkey Beer is reflected throughout the nation, proof of the brand's unwavering dedication to perfection.

The vision of Bad Monkey Beer stretches far beyond national borders. Encouraged by its local success, the company now desires to defeat international markets and become a global icon. Exporting to Australia, New Zealand, and Middle East countries is just the beginning of its bold journey. With every CAN crossing oceans, the brand's prestige grows, enchanting palates and hearts in new corners of the world.

Founder's Desk

Rohan Khare

Mr. Khare is the founder of Bad Monkey and brings with him over three years of experience by working with Rock and Storm as a product head/Business development under the leadership of industry experts and veterans.
He has a bachelor's in business management from Delhi University and then study on Alcobev industry at WINE AND SPIRIT TRUST, LONDON till Level 3 which is why his areas of expertise include beverages ranging from spirits, beer, and coffee.



Our facility is fitted and equipped to meet the high standards of an International brewery. Sinq Beverage is an Indian Corporation, Manufacturer, and Marketer of strong Beer. Our beer is made from Barley and Hops from Europe and North America, complementing the Himalayan sourced water to deliver premium strong beer. Our brewing process from grain to glass is geared to bring you “YOUR PARTNER FOR ALL TIMES”.



Our beer is a true amalgamation of both old and new and is the result of the brewer’s hard work to create a tasteful, balanced and contemporary beer.



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A true celebration of both old and new, this brand is the result of the brewer’s hard work to create a tasteful, balanced and contemporary beer.

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